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London 2012 Pin News - Autumn 2013

Hi Everyone,

It's been over six months since my last newsletter, so I thought I'd provide a quick update on the London 2012 pin scene over the summer. 

Website Updates
There have been a few minor updates to the website catalogue - mainly with a few sponsor pins. The media section is still not complete and I must apologise for taking my time with this. I have a lot of the information, but family circumstances have meant that I've had no time to sit down and get on with it.

If you're looking through the lists and think you know of a pin I should have listed, please drop me a line. I'd like to thank the many readers who have done just that to help make the lists as comprehensive as possible. 

Click here to access the main catalogue contents and then you can select the individual lists from there.

And in other news...

Recent Pin Meets 1

Since the spring, we have had three get-togethers. Back in April, we held a traditional pin meet at the Railway Tavern. The session was well attended with a number of new faces. A new official EDF pin surfaced and there were lots of successful trades. It seems that a number of people caught the pin collecting bug during the Games and had found our group via the website and message board.

Recent Pin Meets 3

The final get together was at the Anniversary Games in July. Fellow collector, Mark, worked with British Athletics to get some pin trading tables set up in the Spectator Village on the Olympic Park. Again, despite our best attempts to promote the area and ask the organisers to do the same, a lack of publicity and signage made the footfall and number of people with traders a little less than we hoped for. However, those of us that were there over the 3 days made a few trades, had some great conversations with collectors and enjoyed some friendly banter. We gave away the P&G pins to (mainly) the kids that came to the tables. The cheeky ones then tried to use them as traders with us.

Coca-Cola Bundle Offer

Gary from Tragar Collectables has put together a bundle offer for Coca-Cola pins. Take a look at the pins available and find out more - click here

Recent Pin Meets 2

As part of the summer celebrations of the first anniversary of London 2012, there was a GamesMaker celebration event in the Olympic Park in July. A few collectors were invited to host a pin trading area. 6 of us turned up, and there was lots of interest and some great conversations with GamesMakers. Unfortunately, most of the people there were not aware that pin trading would be available (despite our best attempts to publicise it), so the volume of trades was not as good as we hoped. However, the sun was shining and it was a great day.

Poster Pins

Back in May, LOCOG held a sale and auction in Coventry to sell off memorabilia. Amongst the items there were a set of IOC posters which were never released for general sale despite being part of the 2,012 retail designs.

The pins are a set of IOC posters from previous Summer Olympic Games from 1896 - 2008. The pins are numbered 705-731 and are the same designs as pins 732-775. Click here to read more.

Next Pin Meet

The next pin meet has been arranged for Saturday 9th November at 2.00pm. We shall be meeting at the Railway Tavern in Stratford thanks to Jan allowing us to use the pub for free once again. Click here for more details. We'd love to see as many people there as possible. It doesn't matter if you're an old hand, or just starting out with the collection, everyone is welcome.

Pin Trading Lists

Over the summer, a few new collectors have signed up to the pin trading lists. If you haven't checked for a while - why not take a look. The lists are up to date (apart from the media pins - sorry). Everything in the catalogue is now in the pin trading lists. I've added pages for retail pins as well as the existing partner, internal etc. Some of the retail pins are becoming harder to find and many of us have retail pins to trade, so I thought this was a useful addition. Click here to see the pin trading lists.
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