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London 2012 Pin News - Spring 2013

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would contact you all to give you a quick summary of what's been happening with the London Pins website and a roundup of some of the news over the last few months. I know many of you will have seen most of this on the news blog as you visit regularly, but for those of you that haven't been to the site recently, I hope this round-up will be informative. 

Website Updates
Over the darker winter months, I finally sat down and updated the website with most of the new pins we saw during and after the Games. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but now (apart from the media pins), I think the lists are up to date with all the pins I know about. The media section is still to be done, but I hope to have that finished soon too. There are now sections for IOC/IPC pins and for some of the miscellaneous 'others' that were seen in the pin trading centres. These pins weren't official, but were popular during the summer and I felt that they were worthy of being listed.
If you're looking through the lists and think you know of a pin I should have listed, please drop me a line. I'd like to thank the many readers who have done just that to help make the lists as comprehensive as possible. 

Click here to access the main catalogue contents and then you can select the individual lists from there.

And in other news...

EDF Pin Varieties

A reader contacted me about the wording on one of the EDF pins which led to me doing a little research. Once I looked through old emails to EDF and checked my collection, I realised that a number of the EDF pins were issued in two varieties - one with 'Sustainability Partner' wording and one with 'Official Partner' wording. It seems that none of us noticed this during the Games and therefore probably traded away pins because we thought they were doubles! Click here to read more.

Pin Collectors Survey

I was approached at the beginning of the year by Dr Anna Woodham from the University of Birmingham. She was carrying out research into collectors of London 2012 memorabilia and asked as many of us as possible to complete a questionnaire. 66 people took part, and the results were published in February. You can still take part if you wish. Click here to read the original invitation and see a link to the questionnaire or click here for the results.

Next Pin Meet

Our next pin meet is on Saturday 20th April at 2.30pm. We meet at the Railway Tavern, Angel Lane, Stratford, E15 1DB. Everyone is welcome regardless of how many or how few pins you have to trade. Feel free to come along, have a chat and maybe see some pins you haven't seen before. There's no charge to come along and if you haven't already had them, make sure you ask me for the free P&G pins.


Since the Games ended, we have seen many of the venue specific pins and lots of the remaining retail stock appear with existing and new retailers. As the London 2012 and Coke stores closed, their stocks seemed to be distributed between several retailers, most notably Glamorous LivingPins & ThingsM&M Direct and Tragars Collectables. It seems that even 6 months on, there are still pins to be picked up!

Regional Pins

I had a chance to sit back and look at the LOCOG regional pins and realised that there were two different issues and several versions of the second issue. Click here to read more.

New ODA Pins

Even as the ODA was winding down, it seems they were issuing pins. The Facilities Management team issued new pins in December to their staff. Click here to read more.

Freebie Pins

Many of you signed up to get the free pins offered by Lloyds TSB and P&G. I promised that the LTSB would be allocated on a first-registered, first served basis, however a few of you that signed up for the pins have not sent me an envelope.  I plan to hold onto the remaining LTSB pins for those people, but only until the next pin meet on April 20th. If you send your envelopes to me by then, I'll send back the LTSB pins, but any that are left on April 20th will go to the pin meet for those that turn up and have not had them yet. I'm trying to be fair to everyone, but I would like to get them all issued so that the collectors who want them can have them.
The P&G ones are still on offer to everyone, so contact me if you would like them and haven't been in touch with me.

Pin Trading Lists

If you're looking to trade pins, I'm pleased to say that the online pin trading lists are now up to date (again, apart form the media pins). Everything in the catalogue is now in the pin trading lists. I've added pages for retail pins as well as the existing partner, internal etc. Some of the retail pins are becoming harder to find and many of us have retail pins to trade, so I thought this was a useful addition. Click here to see the pin trading lists.
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