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Free Pins from Lloyds TSB and P&G


Recently, you contacted London Pins and asked to be added to the list to receive some free sponsor pins from Lloyds TSB and P&G. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, but I'm pleased to say that I'm now in a position to send them out.

Just to remind you, I was given a limited number of Lloyds TSB pins to hand out at the pin meet last November, and the remainder I offered to send out to those that asked. Following the pin meet, I was sent a much larger number of P&G pins, so am able to include those too. As promised, I will send out the Lloyds TSB pins on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that I received the original email requests. Therefore it's possible that some of you may only receive the P&G pins if I run out of the Lloyds TSB ones. As a guideline, if you emailed me before December 2012, you are more than likely to get the Lloyds TSB pins

So, if you would still like some of the freebies, could you please send me a stamped self-addressed envelope - please ensure that the postage you attach is sufficient to cover the size of your envelope. The pins do not weight that much, but they make the envelope too thick to be classed as the basic postage. I recommend a jiffy or padded envelope to minimise any damage in the post, but it's entirely up to you. I cannot be held responsible for the condition in which the pins reach you - sorry. I will not be able to add any postage if your envelope is 'under-stamped' and am not able to offer any registered service or certificate of posting.

When you send the envelope to me, please include your email address on a slip of paper, so I can tie up who I'm sending the pins to with my list of requests - some of your emails vs. names are obvious and some are not!

Finally, could you please let me know (on the slip of paper) if you would like the Lloyds TSB pins as well as the P&G ones. Please be honest - if you attended the pin meet and picked up a pair there, don't ask for them again. If everyone plays fair, then I think that there may be enough Lloyds TSB pins for everyone.  No problem with the P&G ones, if you would like doubles of these pins, just let me know.

Please send your stamped self-addressed envelope to

Paul McGill
63 Dalmeny Road

I'll try and turn the envelopes around as soon as I can once I receive them - I promise it won't take me 2 months this time!

If you're coming along to the April pin meet and want to pick up the pins there to save postage, just drop me an email to let me know and I'll hold onto them for you.

If you are requesting these pins from outside the UK, then I'll only be able to send them to you if you are prepared to pay for the postage via Paypal (including Paypal and currency conversion fees). Please contact me via email to request the cost for me to send them to you.

Some of you may have received this email twice - it means I have two email addresses for you. You can use the orange links at the foot of this email to unsubscribe one of the addresses.

Thanks again for you patience in waiting for the pins.

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