Pin Trading Etiquette

The hobby of pin trading is a great way to meet new people and have fun at the same time you are enhancing your collection. The following 'Top-10' guide to pin etiquette will hopefully assist you when trading and make the experience pleasant and productive.

  1. In general, if you wear or show a pin, it's available for trade.
    If you're wearing a non-trader, keep it apart from your traders and make sure the other person knows it's not available.

  2. Show your pins so that they are easy to see.
    Don't touch another person's pins without asking.
    If you need a closer look, just ask.

  3. Don't be rushed or pushed into a trade.
    It's only a good trade if both parties come away satisfied.
    If you're not happy with the proposed trade, just say "no thanks".

  4. Be polite and honest with everyone, you'll get a good reputation and more likely to pick up trades.
    Being rude and agressive is only going to limit the number of people who want to trade with you.

  5. Only trade with one person at a time and never interrupt a trade in progress.
    If someone tries to interrupt your trade, politely tell them that you're in the middle of a trade and you'll be with them soon.

  6. Don't knowingly trade fake pins.
    If you happen to receive a fake pin, discard it - do not pass it on unless you tell the receipient that it's a fake before you make the trade.

  7. Don't take advantage of kids who do not know the value of the pins they may have.

  8. Learn about the pins that you collect and try to help others by passing on your expertise.
    If you don't know details about a pin - say so.
    Encourage new and young traders where you can.

  9. Make sure to say "thank you" at the end of the trade

  10. Trade pins for the right reasons - for the pleasure, the memories and to enhance your collection - not for money.
    Have fun and make new friends.

The list has been drawn from advice I have been given and other pin websites I have read. I do not claim that this is all my own work, but as was once said "When you take stuff from one writer it's plagiarism; but when you take it from many writers, it's research."


Thanks to and Coca-Cola for assistance in providing the information on this page