Generic Pins

There are a number of sponsors that have a partnership with the Olympic Movement rather than a specific Olympic Games. These 'TOPS' sponsors or 'Worldwide Partners' occasionally issue pins which are not connected to a specific Olympic Games and therefore have no Games logos or mascots on them. By definition they are not London 2012 pins and therefore will not be included in the inventory, but following some requests from readers I will attempt to show any generic pins that I come across. This section contains any pins issued by the worldwide sponsors between the end of Vancouver 2010 and the Start of London 2012. Any generic pins issued during the London 2012 Games will be included on the relevent sponsor page.



  Manufacturer Aminco
  Reference Gen-MCD0001
  Issued 2011



  Manufacturer Unknown
  Reference Gen-OME0001
  Issued 2010/2011


Proctor and Gamble

  Manufacturer Unknown
  Reference Gen-P&G0001
  Issued 2010