Pin Trading Lists

In order to facilitate pin trading between collectors, I have created a collection of 'Pin Trading Lists'. In essence these are simple spreadsheets maintained in Google Documents which list all sponsor, internal, media and NBC retail pins as rows in the sheet and individual collectors as columns in the sheet.

Each collector can then identify whether they 'want' or 'offer' a specific pin. In this way collectors can maintain their own lists and view the lists of others. When they find a match, they can contact each other (using email details visible in the spreadsheet) to initiate a trade.

Please remember that all trades are at your own risk and rely on each party being honest and keeping their lists up to date. London Pins takes no responsibility for any trades made using these lists.

The lists are visible to all users, so please consider if you wish to use your standard email address or set one up specifically for the purpose.

If you wish to maintain your own list, you will need to request 'edit' access by dropping an email to

Please note the following limitations of this system...

The list of pins is maintained centrally by me using details held in the catalogue. Although I will keep the lists up to date on a 'best efforts' basis, there may be times when the trading lists are a little out of data in terms of new pins that have been issued.

The trading list file contains a 'Change Log' sheet where you can see all the updates made and the dates they occurred.

Click on the icon to access the Pin Trading Lists